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On January 23rd, 1953, a group of Regina coin collectors met at the home of Ernest "Ernie" Haddad to discuss forming a new chapter club of the Canadian Numismatic Association (CNA). Cecil C. Tannahill, who had just moved to Regina and was serving as the CNA's Representative for the Prairie Provinces, chaired the meeting and called for an election of officers. Cec was subsequently elected as the club's first President. Christina Morrice was elected the club's first Vice-President, and Thomas James "T.J." Hardie was named the club's first Secretary-Treasurer. The other charter members of the club that night included host Ernie Haddad, Martin M. Watts, and William Nell. At a follow-up meeting on February 3rd, Peter M. Smith, James "Jimmy" Ziegler, R.S. Robertson, and Harold E. Sampson joined the club. Dues were set at $1.00 per year, and all members agreed to also be members in good standings of the CNA.  The February 1953 issue of the CNA Bulletin contained the 'official' announcement -- CNA Chapter No. 6 (Regina) was open for membership.


Right from the beginning the members of Chapter No. 6 worked tirelessly to promote the hobby of numismatics in Regina and across Saskatchewan. Displays of rare coins, banknotes, and medals were set up in the windows of local jewelry stores, in the lobbies of several local banks, and in one wing of the newly built Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History (now the Royal Saskatchewan Museum). Member displays were also arranged for the Hobby Shows at the annual Provincial Exhibitions and club members, Cec Tannahill in particular, were sought out by newspapers and TV to comment on some aspect of coin collecting or on the latest numismatic rarity to come to light.

The CNA discontinued the practice of Chapter Clubs in 1955, and shortly thereafter the members of Chapter No. 6 voted to rename themselves The Regina Coin Club.  Despite the change in status the RCC continued to work closely with the CNA and with other clubs to support numismatics in the province. On May 20th, 1956, the club hosted The Western Round-Up of Coin Collectors, one of the first numismatic shows in western Canada. Held at the old Drake Hotel in downtown Regina, the western-themed event included not only member coin displays and a bourse but also guided bus tours of the city, a visit to the RCMP training depot, a lively floor auction, and an evening banquet where Major Sheldon Carroll, founding president of the CNA, was the keynote speaker. Ladies attending the event received a corsage made of live orchards, flown in direct from Hawaii, courtesy of then-RCC President, T.J. Hardie.


The first Round-Up was such a success that the RCC was asked to host it again the following year. The Second Round-up of Coin Collectors was held at the King's Hotel on June 30th, 1957, and like the first it featured various member displays, an expanded bourse and auction, bus tours, and an evening banquet and awards ceremony. Encouraged by the success of these two events the RCC decided to take on an even bigger challenge -- hosting a CNA National Convention. The CNA agreed and on September 2nd through 4th, 1959, the RCC hosted the CNA's Sixth Annual Convention.  Held at Regina's historic Hotel Saskatchewan it was the first CNA Convention to occur outside Ontario, as well as the first to feature three full days of events.

The unique, scalloped design of the 1959 Convention Medal was based on the RCC's new club logo, designed by RCC Vice-President Jack C. Summerlin, and struck by Brinks. A total of 275 medals were struck in antiqued bronze, 30 in silver, and 15 in gold-filled bronze. 

Stay tuned for more history, coming soon ...

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