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When potential applicant(s) apply for membership in the Regina Coin Club (the 'RCC'), the following information is requested by the club:

     1) Name of individual(s) or name of organization;

     2) Complete mailing address;

     3) Contact phone number(s); and

     4) Contact E-mail address.

When membership is approved, the information received will be added to the RCC's master membership list. This membership list is shared only with specific officers of the club and with specific RCC Committee Chairs, as required for club business.

Member information will only be used by the RCC to forward club information to members such as, but not limited to, newsletters, show posters, special announcements, or notice of upcoming events. Information will also be used to track years of membership for awarding Loyalty Pin awards. You might also be contacted to volunteer at upcoming events.

The Regina Coin Club does not and will never share or sell any member's information to any third party persons or organizations.

Privacy Policy rev 1.0 - Approved by the RCC Board of Directors, March 4th, 2019

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